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About Us

Wildwood Resources Ltd.

Jake Jacobson founded the company in 1971. The fire training component evolved in the early 1990's. Since then he has brought together experienced firefighters to develop the different programmes that are now available both online and in the classroom. Wildwood has been a member of the Western Forestry Contractors Association for many years and supports many community projects.

Jake Jacobson

Jake was first involved with fire control in 1972, when he was loaded on a cattle truck and sent off to dig fire guard near Salmon Arm, BC. Since then he has served as an initial attack crew leader, Ministry of Forests Fire Warden since 1985, Officer and Wildland Fire Specialist for the Salmon Arm Fire Department since 1986 and Equipment Supervisor / lead training officer for the Shuswap Columbia Reginal Districts Structure Protection Team since 2012.

In 2006 he developed the original online S100a annual safety refresher course which is now used by other instructors. The course has been inspected and approved by both the Ministry of Forests and WorkSafe BC.

Well known throughout the province, Jake has always set a high standard for training. Many of the firefighters he has trained have gone on to become capable instructors while encouraging others to become professional firefighters.

As a recognized S-100 instructor, he has been quoted many times for saying, "The three most important things about firefighting are, safety, safety and safety! If you can't remember all three, remember the second safety...it is the most important one!";

Jake Jacobson with wildland fire truck   Jake Jacobson working on a fire

Steve Wallis

Steve, having joined the Carr's Landing Fire Department in 1980 ended up as the Training Officer for several of the neighbouring fire halls. In 1981 he joined the Ministry of Forests Fire Warden program and soon became involved in Wildland Interface fires; later becoming a recognized S-100 instructor. Steve met Jake (Wildwood Resources) while Jake was teaching wildland fire fighting in a training simulator trailer. Steve has dedicated himself to training firefighters about the importance of safety. He also does Fire Hazard Risk Assessments and other aspects of fire control. In 2023 Steve joined the Wildwood team as their programme manager.

Steve Wallis and Jake Jacobson having fun  

Shan Saatchi

Shan has been with Wildwood from the beginning. For the online training, she has been maintaining the data base and processing invoice/card mailouts. Her background is music, education and special needs, so she helps keep Jake inline.

Shan Saatchi singing  

Duane Bemister

Duane, who has been with us since day one, is our ace computer whiz, who keeps our site up and running. These days Duane keeps busy building super-efficient Green Houses and looking after his pack of beautiful dogs.

Duane Bemister with his dogs  

Monika Mueller

Monika started with Wildwood Resources in 1998 and helped develop the fire simulation programme. After several years she moved on to other ventures. In 2023 she rejoined the Wildwood family, bringing her acquired skills as both a computer tech and artful designer. Monika enjoys the great out of doors.

Monika enjoying the Grand Canyon in Arizona  

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